When It's Important Enough to Hire an Expert.

The family motto “Deo Duce Ferro Comitante” has been translated here as “God guides my sword” but a more common translation of “Deo Duce Ferro Comitante” given is “With God as my leader and my sword as my companion.”

Joseph Caulfield
Caulfield Law & Mediation

Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Milford, 20 minutes from Peterborough, and 25 minutes from Nashua.

I am an Attorney, Mediator, Guardian ad Litem, and Collaborative Law Practitioner, with more than 40 years experience in the courtroom trying cases. I represent my clients with skill, commitment and courage. Although I believe my clients are often better served through other methods of dispute resolution, rather than through litigation, I will fight for my clients. I remain on the cutting edge of technology, which gives me a decided advantage over yesterday’s practitioners. I charge rates for my services which are competitive with any other firm and issue detailed accountings of my fees.

  • I am a Certified Guardian ad Litem in NH and the President of the NH Guardian ad Litem Association.
  • I am a Certified Family Mediator and Founding Member-Advanced Mediator, Academy Of Professional Family Mediators.
  • I have published and lectured in the areas of law, mediation, comparative religion, and the martial arts and teach online for University of Phoenix.

Our country office provides and ideal place for legal meetings or mediation, with large conference room and separate rooms for each party. Please contact me for a free consultation and let me know how I can help.